Mathematics in the Industry

Perttu Saarela is Xiphera's Cryptographic Engineer.

Perttu Saarela, Xiphera’s Cryptographic Engineer, tells how a mathematician with a solid theoretical background ends up to and thrives within a hands-on work in hardware-based security and cryptography.

Genuine curiosity about cryptography brought me here

Estuardo Alpírez Bock is Xiphera's Senior Cryptographic Engineer.

Estuardo Alpírez Bock is Xiphera’s new Senior Cryptographic Engineer. Grown in Guatemala, he did his university studies and PhD in Europe. Here’s his journey of becoming a cryptographer in the happiest country in the world.

Introducing Akyra Pagoulatos

Introducing Akyra Pagoulatos, Xiphera's representative for the North American markets.

Akyra Pagoulatos represents Xiphera in the North American markets. He has extensive experience in the field and sees big potential in Xiphera.