We protect your critical systems.

About Xiphera

Xiphera protects critical systems by designing security directly into hardware.

Xiphera is a Finnish company designing hardware-based security solutions. We have strong expertise in standardised cutting-edge cryptographic technologies, such as Post-Quantum Cryptography, and extensive experience in pure digital system design.

Our product portfolio consists of secure and efficient cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores executed directly on Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) without CPU or software components. Our widely applicable solutions offer our customers peace of mind in a dangerous world.

Strong cryptographic expertise as a core competence.
Complies with industry standards from NIST, IEEE and IETF.
Cryptography in pure logic design for performance, security, and ease of validation.

Our story

The two co-founders of Xiphera, Matti Tommiska and Kimmo Järvinen, first worked together in a cryptographic project in the beginning of 2000’s. In 2016, they started to discuss the widening gap between the strong theoretical foundation of cryptography and the often imperfect implementations of cryptography in mission-critical systems.

Their conclusion was clear: Everyone deserves security, but designing secure systems is not for everyone. Security is fundamentally based on cryptography, and a flawless implementation of cryptography is an absolute requirement for secure systems. Software-based implementations of cryptography inherently have more potential weaknesses than a pure hardware-based implementation. This observation crystallised the underlying potential for a new company, and Xiphera, Ltd, was founded in July, 2017.

Since then, we have grown organically in international markets, investing in further product development as well as widening the global partnership network. The number of employees has increased in both technical and commercial roles, still letting us to retain the nimbleness and customer intimacy of a growth company.

Cryptography is never stagnant, and we follow closely the industry and science, and proactively implement new innovations and changes in standards and algorithms. Our ambition is to continue organic and profitable growth, explore new target markets, and become a world-recognised expert and leader in hardware-based security and cryptography.

Target markets

Xiphera’s products and solutions have applications in various markets, where the customers’ security needs, threat model, and performance requirements vary.

Communications and data centers

Security is a critical factor in network design, and the adoption of 5G technology increases the need to plan and design security in network and data center connectivity.

The communications and data center markets have a focus on power consumption and performance. Example applications include both look-aside and inline acceleration of symmetric encryption at from ten to hundreds of Gbps. These line rates are an excellent fit for IP cores running on FPGAs and ASICs, since their performance, power consumption, and resource requirements in many cases outperform software-based implemantations.

Xiphera offers high- and extreme-speed variants of IP cores and solutions targeting the performance requirements of demanding communications and data center applications. View our Extreme-Speed Solutions.

Space and satellite infrastructures

The long deployment life cycles of satellite infrastructures call for quantum-secure implementation of communications security between the satellite and ground station, digital trust of components, and integrity of system configuration. Implementation of these critical security functions directly in hardware logic streamlines architecture, minimises attack surface, and reduces reliance on CPU and software components. FPGA platforms enable crypto agility throughout equipment life-span.

Xiphera offers compact hardware-only implementations of security solutions, ranging from traditional to quantum-secure cryptography, for space and satellite infrastructures. Review our wide portfolio of cryptographic IP cores.

Industrial automation and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 offer business opportunities for traditional control and automation companies and require end-to-end security from industrial end points (e.g. sensors and other IIoT devices) to the cloud.

Challenges in Industrial and IoT environments include diverse platforms, hardware architectures, and demanding resouce and power consumption requirements.

Xiphera offers compact versions of IP cores targeting the resource and performance requirements of industrial applications. A hardware-based security solution offering Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) enables flexible and scalable security throughout even longer deployment life cycles. View our xQlave® PQC portfolio.

Mission-critical infrastructures

Critical infrastructures (e.g. governmental communications, energy and utilities companies, defense applications) have the most advanced threat models, and the threat of quantum computing technology has to already be taken into account when designing secure systems. Additionally, higher national protection criteria typically require hardware-based implementation of security.

All cryptographic operations in Xiphera IP cores are executed in pure digital logic with no hidden CPU or software components. Our xQlave® PQC portfolio offers protection against the quantum threat. View our xQlave® PQC portfolio.

Our people

Contact our people: firstname.lastname@xiphera.com

Matti Tommiska, Co-founder and CEO, Xiphera

Matti Tommiska

CEO, Co-Founder

Matti is an electronics professional with 10 years of academic career followed by 13 years of expertise in international semiconductor business.

During his industry career he has worked for Spansion, Altera, and Intel in both technical and sales roles. He has significant experience of the semiconductor market, customer applications and the security challenges they face. Matti and the co-founder Kimmo have known each other already for two decades: was the supervisor for Kimmo’s master’s thesis in the early 2000’s.

Matti holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (2005).

One of Matti’s hobbies since childhood has been chess, and his favorite openings include King’s Gambit when playing white, and King’s Indian Defence when playing black.

Kimmo Järvinen, Co-founder and CTO, Xiphera

Kimmo Järvinen

CTO, Co-Founder

Kimmo is a hardware cryptography engineer and researcher with almost 20 years of expertise of the field.

He has had academic research positions both in Finland (Aalto University and University of Helsinki) and Belgium (KU Leuven). His main expertise is designing FPGA-based secure and efficient coprocessors for modern cryptographic algorithms. He has authored more than 60 scientific publications about cryptography, cryptographic engineering, and secure embedded systems.

Kimmo holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from Helsinki University of Technology (2008).

Kimmo likes to spend his free time by taking photos with his camera. Some examples of Kimmo’s pictures can be seen on this website.

Tommi Lampila, Director, Business Development, Xiphera

Tommi Lampila

Chief Revenue Officer
M.Sc. (Industrial Engineering)

Tommi is a cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of experience in industry roles – in product, sales, marketing, and delivery management of cybersecurity solutions and services.

He has worked for SSH Communications Security for seventeen years on three different continents, and established the SSH APAC subsidiary in Hong Kong in 2010. He has also led the technical cybersecurity services at KPMG Finland for five years.

Tommi holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering from Tampere University of Technology (1999).

Tommi is a film buff, but despite having worked as a background actor in a major film, has not heard from an agent since. He also enjoys live music, literature, and outdated computer games.

Mimmi Kuusisaari, Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Xiphera

Mimmi Kuusisaari

Marketing & Communications Coordinator
M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.)

Mimmi takes care of Xiphera’s marketing, brand, PR, and communications.

She holds a master’s degree in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University, majoring in marketing in both bachelor’s and master’s studies.

Mimmi connects her work’s visual side to her freetime, being a photography enthusiast. In addition to visual hobbies, Mimmi enjoys good movies and books, as well as spending her time with various sports.

Petri Jehkonen, Director of Strategic Programs, Xiphera

Petri Jehkonen

Director of Strategic Programs

Petri has 30 years of experience in various industries including semiconductor, crypto, camera-technology, and consumer electronics.

His experience covers engineering, project management, and marketing & sales positions. Recently he has complemented his skill-set even further at Aalto University. Furthermore, he has work experience in the field of education.

Petri has passion for seeking knowledge and explaining complex systems and advanced theories with easy to digest practical examples.

Petri holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Aalto University and bachelor’s degree in social services and health care. His hobbies include outdoor activities and Cuban salsa among others. He also enjoys creating software and building electronic gadgets.

Tuomo Tarvainen, System Architect, Xiphera

Tuomo Tarvainen

System Architect
B.Sc. (Automation engineering)

Tuomo is a system architect with more than 30 years experience in semiconductors and telecommunication.

During his career he has worked for Tecnomen, Micronas, Philips and Altera/Intel. He has significant experience in digital logic design including System-on-Chip (SoC).

Tuomo holds a B.Sc in automation engineering from Helsinki Polytechnic Institute (HTOL, 1989). His hobbies include literature, fishing, farming, and woodworks.

Valtteri Allekotte, Developer, Xiphera

Valtteri Allekotte


Valtteri is a product developer with an education and a background in electrical engineering.

Valtteri is a developer expert in FPGA, digital design and hardware. He holds a master degree in electrical engineering at Aalto University. According to Valtteri his greatest joy is executing innovations into action and solving product development dilemmas.

Valtteri is a Finnish Baseball enthusiast and represents in the Aalto University’s varsity team.

Estuardo Alpírez-Bock, Senior Cryptographic Engineer, Xiphera

Estuardo Alpírez Bock

Senior Cryptographic Engineer

Estuardo is a cryptographer with experience on different areas of the field, going from side channel attacks to definitional studies and provable security.

He completed his PhD at Aalto University in Finland on the topic of White-box cryptography (2020). After that, Estuardo held research positions at Radboud University in the Netherlands and also at Aalto University where he worked on topics related to hardware security and side channel analysis of post-quantum cryptographic candidates. Estuardo also worked at the IHP Institute for High Performance Microelectronics in Germany, where he gained experience on hardware design of cryptographic algorithms.

On his free time, Estuardo enjoys exploring different areas in the city of Helsinki and practicing his Finnish over good cups of coffee.

Henri Tuovinen, Thesis Worker, Xiphera

Henri Tuovinen

Digital Design Engineer

Henri is a M.Sc. thesis worker at Xiphera. 

Henri studies electrical engineering at Aalto University, focusing on digital integrated circuit design. He is finishing his studies with his thesis and plans to graduate in spring, 2024.

During his free time, Henri likes to indoor cycle, listen to music, and tinker with electronics.


Atte Tommiska

Mathematics student

Atte is a product developer who is currently in his final year of bachelor studies in engineering physics and mathematics.

Atte has his major studies in mathematics and system sciences at Aalto University. Atte is responsible for embedded system programming and has a great grasp on post quantum cryptography. He is a big fan of both programming and mathematics and working at Xiphera allows him to combine the two passions.

Outside of work or his studies, Atte enjoys playing Texas hold’em and challenging video games. He is also a basketball fan who likes to watch the NBA and play the beautiful game with his friends at the nearby courts in Otaniemi.

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