nQrux™ Confidential Computing Engine (CCE)

Customisable cryptographic solution for secure code execution environments in cloud, edge, and AI applications.

nQrux™ Confidential Computing Engine (CCE) offers customisable solutions protecting data, code execution, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) models in distributed environments, such as cloud and edge. nQrux™ CCE solution is tailored based on customer application, needs, and requirements, to host customised computing resources (e.g. CPU cores and specific accelerators).

nQrux™ CCE (product code: XIP7700) securely processes data and code remotely uploaded by client nodes over a protected communication channel. Clients can be categorised into groups with defined access rights to the CCE resources. For instance, one client node can provide AI models for an embedded AI accelerator inside the CCE, other nodes (such as sensors) can upload data to be processed in the AI computation, and yet another client node may have the right to access the result of the computation.

Communication of data and code to the CCE is protected with hardware-based TLS 1.3. Access policies are enforced with hardware isolation of resources and TLS 1.3 client-authentication, so that only clients with appropriate certificates are allowed to access specific resources.

The cryptographic algorithms are selected and optimised based on customer security and performance requirements.

Key features

  1. Complete physical isolation of code execution enclave from host system.
  2. Data and code are protected in transit with hardware-based TLS 1.3
  3. Versatile computational enclave: RISC-V core(s), Computational Accelerators, customer-specific cores and accelerators.
  4. Customised implementation of the computing environment and cryptographic protections based on customer application, security, and performance requirements.
Example high-level block diagram of nQrux™ Confidential Computing Engine (CCE) IP core (XIP7700)
Example high-level block diagram of the nQrux™ Confidential Computing Engine.

Applications for nQrux™ Confidential Computing Engine

nQrux™ CCE solution is tailored based on customer application and needs. The solution can be used to secure, for example, the following application scenarios:

Artificial Intelligence environments
Satellite and mission-critical applications
Remote use of accelerator IP cores in FPGA farms
Industrial and IoT environments

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