Cryptography under the hood.

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Xiphera’s webinar series Cryptography under the hood is a new series covering the interesting and relevant topics of information security and cryptography. The webinar series covers for example topics such as post-quantum cryptography, homomorphic encryption, and resource-constrained security protocols, to name a few. Each webinar is free of charge.

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Previous webinars


Watch the webinar to learn about the future of data protection with Xiphera's groundbreaking Post-Quantum Cryptography and QuickLogic's cutting-edge eFPGA technology.


This webinar explores the use cases of TLS applications as well as the ongoing efforts to take Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) into use in TLS 1.3. The important and timely topics are presented by Mr. Mark Frost, FPGA Security and 5G Technical Marketing Manager of Intel Corporation, and Dr. Kimmo Järvinen, Co-founder and CTO of Xiphera.


This webinar dives into the principal questions regarding randomness and random numbers. What are random number generators? How are they built and tested? What can go wrong with random number generation? The webinar gives a compelling yet concise half an hour introduction to randomness, presented by Xiphera’s CEO and co-founder Matti Tommiska.


This webinar introduces and reviews the current situation of PQC standardisation process as well as presents a clear summary of the selected standardisation algorithms, that can be complex and difficult to understand if not explained properly. Finally, we will give some guidelines to take into consideration when designing systems that must remain secure against the quantum threat for years to come.


Dr. Kimmo Järvinen, Xiphera’s co-founder and CTO, talks about the importance of secure implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). Although the world of cryptography is moving to Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC), ECC still has a significant role to play also for years to come in hybrid systems that combine PQC with ECC.


Dr. Matti Tommiska, Xiphera’s co-founder and CEO, will review the current status in quantum computing, and specifically its impact on the currently used public-key cryptographic algorithms.


Dr. Kimmo Järvinen, Xiphera's co-founder and CTO, talks about the benefits of hardware and FPGAs in particular for implementing cryptography. Hardware based cryptography allows full isolation of security-critical cryptographic computations and keys from the rest of the system and helps to solve many of the pitfalls of software-only systems. Reprogrammability of FPGAs then again helps to overcome many of the downsides of the rigidity of application-specific hardware.