What Everyone Should Know about Randomness?

Date: 24/01/2023

Various examples and paradoxes show that human intuition about randomness is flawed. What actually is randomness and how do we generate random numbers?

Randomness is used everyday in various situations, including science, statistics, gaming, and, most importantly, cryptography. Random numbers are one of the fundamental corner stones of cryptography, and high-quality random number generation is critical for modern information security. An inadequate random number generator is the Achilles’ heel in the implementation of security protocols, and may undermine security entirely.

This webinar dives into the principal questions regarding randomness and random numbers. What are random number generators? How are they built and tested? What can go wrong with random number generation? The webinar gives a compelling yet concise half an hour introduction to randomness, presented by Xiphera’s CEO and Co-founder Matti Tommiska. You will definitely learn a lot more than just random facts!

If you feel like enjoying this fascinating topic without watching, you can also listen the full webinar from the media player below. Should you want to save the webinar for later, right-click the media player and download the audio to your device.

About the speaker

Dr. Matti Tommiska, CEO and co-founder of Xiphera received the Master of Science (Tech.) and Doctor of Science (Tech.) degrees from Helsinki University of Technology in 1996 and 2005, respectively. After his academic career, Matti Tommiska spent thirteen years in both technical and sales roles in three semiconductor companies (Spansion, Altera, and Intel) prior to co-founding Xiphera in 2017.