Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3)

Xiphera’s extensive portfolio of cryptographic hash functions complies with NIST standards for SHA-2, SHA-3, and Key Derivation Functions.

About the product

Hash functions are essential building blocks for many cryptographic protocols. They are used to verify the integrity of the data i.e., to verify that the data sent was not modified on the path. Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3) is a family of hash functions that NIST has standardised in FIPS PUB 202 in August 2015.

Xiphera offers two primary versions of SHA-3 implementations: a Compact IP core and a High-speed IP core. The main functionality of these IP cores is to calculate a SHA-3 message digest (also commonly known as a hash value). The high-speed versatile SHA-3 IP core has received CAVP validation. The CAVP certification of our IP core assures its compliance with rigorous cryptographic standards.

What distinguishes our SHA-3 IP cores is their device-agnostic design, which enables them to be compatible with a broad spectrum of FPGA and ASIC platforms. Additionally, our SHA-3 IP cores offer robust protection against timing attacks, as their execution time remains unaffected by input values, ensuring enhanced security. It is also worth noting that our IP cores proudly support NIST Special Publication 800-185.

Xiphera offers the following versions of SHA-3 IP core:

1. A Compact Versatile Core for SHA-3-224/256/384/512 and (c)SHAKE-128/256 (XIP3030C)

2. A High-Speed Versatile Core for SHA-3-224/256/384/512 and (c)SHAKE-128/256 (XIP3030H)

Both our SHA-3 IP cores are designed for versatile support of all variants of the SHA-3 hash function and related extendable-output function SHAKE as well as the SHA-3 derived function cSHAKE and its variants KMAC, TupleHash,and ParallelHash (including their arbitrary-length output variants). The interface of both the offerings is pin-wise compatible with each other.  Additionally, they also support NIST Special Publication 800-185 by supporting cSHAKE-128 and cSHAKE-256 XOFs. The only differences are in performance (latency) and resource requirements. Applications that require high-speed hashing can benefit from our high-speed SHA-3 IP core which is optimised for maximum speed.

Key features

  • Versatile Algorithm Support: Xiphera’s SHA-3 IP cores
    support SHA-3-224/256/384/512, SHAKE-128/256, and cSHAKE-128/256.
  • Secure Architecture: The execution time of Xiphera’s SHA-3 IP cores is independent of the input values and, consequently, provides full protection against timing-based side-channel attacks.
  • Standard Compliance: Xiphera’s SHA-3 IP cores are compliant with FIPS 202 and SP 800-185. They can be used as a part of numerous systems and protocols that require SHA-3 or its derivatives.
  • Test Vector Compliance: XIP1211B passes the relevant test vectors specified in Annex C of IEEE Std 802.1AE-2018.
  • Easy Integration: The 64-bit interface of Xiphera’s SHA-3 IP cores supports easy integration to various systems.
Internal high-level block diagram of the high-speed SHA-3 IP core (XIP3030H).
Internal high-level block diagram of the high-speed SHA-3 IP core.

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