Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions

Secure connection between devices across LAN and WAN, connecting Xiphera’s TLS 1.3 with MLE’s TCP layer.

Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions (ENAS), collaborative solution from Xiphera and Missing Link Electronics (MLE), ensure a secure connection between devices across LAN and WAN. These solutions employ Transport Layer Security (TLS), a cryptographic protocol that guarantees end-to-end data security, implemented on the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer.

ENAS is designed with hardware-based high-level security, enabling high-bandwidth, low-latency communication for FPGA-based systems. The TCP-TLS 1.3 IP core can accelerate device networks up to 10/25/50G Ethernet line rates, while the data is being protected with rapid hardware-based encryption and decryption under TLS 1.3. All cryptographic operations occur within the FPGA, with keys securely stored in dedicated internal FPGA memory.

Executing both the TCP/IP stack and TLS 1.3 protocol in hardware provides scalable high-speed performance and minimises the attack surface. This stands in stark contrast to software-based approaches, emphasizing the robustness and security of the ENAS solution.

Resource-optimised IP core available for FPGAs and ASIC designs

High-speed traffic encryption and decryption

Secure design – isolated processing and key management

All communication layers predesigned for effective and fast integration

Key features

  • Highly modular TCP/UDP/IP stack with line rate up to 70Gbps in FPGA
  • Compact TLS 1.3 implementation
  • Hardware-based key management for IEC 62443 SL 3
  • Encrypted throughput of 10/25/50 Gbps
  • 128-bit bi-directional data paths with streaming interfaces
  • Multiple, parallel TCP engines for scalable processing

Target applications

  • FPGA-based SmartNICs
  • In-Network Compute Acceleration (INCA)
  • Networked storage, such as iSCSI
  • Test & Measurement connectivity
  • Automotive backbone connectivity
  • System-of-Systems communication
  • Mission-critical environments

For more information, including resource and performance numbers, open the joint solution brochure for Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions (ENAS) in PDF.

In this solution: TLS 1.3

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a a cryptographic protocol designed to establish a secure link between a client and server over the Internet. The implementation of TLS 1.3 in hardware provides robust security for mission-critical industries.

Xiphera’s TLS 1.3 IP core adopts a fully hardware-based approach, covering both ends of a TLS 1.3 session. This method eliminates any dependence on software. Despite offering an extensive range of features, Xiphera’s TLS 1.3 IP cores maintain a compact footprint, making them particularly suitable for applications with high volume demands.

Xiphera’s cryptographic Security Protocol portfolio, including widely used MACsec and TLS 1.3 IP protocols, secures point-to-point communication as well as server-client connections over the Internet.
Missing Link Electronics

About MLE – Xiphera's Technology partner

Missing Link Electronics is a Silicon Valley based technology company with offices in Germany. MLE is a partner of leading electronic device and solution providers and has been enabling key innovators in the automotive, industrial, test & measurement markets to build better Embedded Systems, faster. MLE’s mission is to develop and market technology solutions for Embedded Systems Realisation via pre-validated IP and expert application support, and to combine off-the-shelf FPGA devices with Open- Source Software for dependable, configurable Embedded System platforms. MLE’s expertise is Domain-Specific Architectures I/O connectivity and acceleration of data communication protocols, additionally opening up FPGA technology for analog applications, and the integration and optimisation of Open Source Linux and Android software stacks on modern extensible processing architectures.