Product Catalogue

Xiphera’s secure and highly optimised cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores enable the design of an embedded system to meet the cybersecurity requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Our comprehensive portfolio possesses wide applicability in different end markets with varying customer threat models and performance requirements.

Xiphera’s product portfolio covers various IP cores optimised for extremely small resource footprint (Compact), maximal performance (High-speed), or the optimal balance between the two (Balanced). The product catalogue below presents all our IP cores and their FPGA resource and performance numbers. Visit the product pages or download the full product briefs of each product (FPGA or ASIC versions).

** This mark indicates that the IP core has a CAVP validation from the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Read more about Xiphera’s CAVP validations.

Product / IP Core NameVariantProduct briefsCodeFPGA resourcesPerformance
xQlave® – Post-Quantum Cryptography
ML-KEM-512/768/1024 (CRYSTALS-Kyber)BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP6110B8568 LUTs, 5.5 BRAMs, 6 DSPs4k key Encapsulations per second
ML-DSA-44/65/87 (CRYSTALS-Dilithium)BalancedContact usXIP6220BContact usContact us
Security Protocols
TLS 1.3 ClientCompactContact usXIP7131C8407 ALM, 32 M10K, 1 DSP Block1 Gbps+ bulk traffic
MACsec AES256-GCMBalancedFor FPGAXIP1213B12361 LUT6, 4/20 RAMB36/185.2 Gbps
High-speedFor FPGAXIP1213H43706 ALM, 48 M20K48.14 Gbps
100G MACsec AES256-GCMExtreme-speedFor FPGAXIP1213E299546 LUT, 19/2 RAMB36/18142.42 Gbps
Symmetric Encryption
AES256-GCM **BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP1113B3023 LUT64.29 Gbps
High-speedFor FPGA For ASICXIP1113H26564 LUT681.12 Gbps
AES256-GCM **Extreme-speedFor FPGAXIP1113E188580 LUT337.95 Gbps
Versatile AES256 (ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, CTR) **BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP1123B4442 LUT63.23 Gbps
AES256-XTS **BalancedFor FPGAXIP1183B6932 LUT63.20 Gbps
High-speedFor FPGA For ASICXIP1183H33145 LUT653.24 Gbps
ChaCha20-Poly1305BalancedFor FPGAXIP2113B7346 LUT69.34 Gbps
High-speedFor FPGA For ASICXIP2113H27280 LUT649.06 Gbps
AsconBalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP2201B2342 LUT62.21 Gbps
Hash Functions
SHA-3, SHAKE128/256, cSHAKE, KMAC, TupleHash, ParallelHash ** CompactFor FPGAXIP3030C978 LUT6, 1 RAMB3679 Mbps
High-speedFor FPGA For ASICXIP3030H6330 LUT641.72 Gbps
HKDF/HMAC/SHA-256  **BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP3322B1421 LUT6, 1 RAMB362.99 Gbps
HKDF/HMAC/SHA-384 **BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP3323B2908 LUT6, 2 RAMB364.17 Gbps
HKDF/HMAC/SHA-512 **BalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP3324B2969 LUT 2 RAMB364 Gbps
HKDF/HMAC/SHA-256/SHA-512  **CompactFor FPGAXIP3327C1168 LUT 2/1 RAMB36/1828.4 Mbps
Asymmetric Cryptography
Curve25519 X25519CompactFor FPGAXIP4001C474 LUT, 1 RAMB18, 1 DSP100+ ops/s
Curve25519 X25519 and Ed25519CompactFor FPGAXIP4003C1122 LUT, 1/1 RAMB36/18, 1 DSP100+ ops/s
ECC AcceleratorHigh-speedContact usXIP4200HContact usContact us
NIST P-256/P-384 ECDH and ECDSA **CompactFor FPGA For ASICXIP41X3C1185 LUT, 1/1 RAMB36/18, 1 DSP21.5 ms key generation (P-256, 200 MHz)
RSA Signature VerificationCompactFor FPGA For ASICXIP5012C470 LUT, 1 RAMB3610+ ops/s
Random Number Generation
True Random Number GenerationBalancedFor FPGA For ASICXIP8001B1426 LUT, 1 RAMB184.28 Mbps
Pseudorandom Number Generation **BalancedFor FPGAXIP8103B4373 LUT6, 1 RAMB182.79 Gbps
High-speedFor FPGAXIP8103H18816 ALM69.52 Gbps
Security Solutions
Crypto Module IP coreN/AContact usXIP7500Contact usContact us