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The Crypto Module is a versatile and multi-purpose solution for a wide range of security needs. It enables a comprehensive approach to cryptography offloading and security enhancement.
“The IP cores in this CAVP batch are used in various applications and protocols, and are critical to be validated by a well-established third party”.
The portfolio is boosted with two new extreme-speed and one high-speed IP cores. “Xiphera is now even better positioned to solve the most demanding encryption requirements for our customers.”
Xiphera enforces its presence in the Central Europe with Tomi Jalonen as a new Sales Representative. His extensive experience in the semiconductor industry brings valuable advantage for Xiphera.
The joint white paper from Xiphera and QuickLogic addresses the imminent quantum threat and how to fight it best by implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) on eFPGA.
This partnership provides architects with a path towards securing their assets against the quantum threat, enabling them to stay one step ahead in the evolving landscape of cyber threats.
The long-awaited drafts of the future standards for post-quantum cryptography (PQC) have been published. Xiphera will react to this with modified versions of the products in the xQlave® PQC family.
Xiphera completes its Random Number Generation portfolio with two new Pseudorandom Number Generator IP cores.
Xiphera has just finished their first round of CAVP validations for cryptographic IP cores.