nQrux™ – Hardware Trust Engines

Highly optimised and customisable security solutions with all cryptographic operations performed purely in hardware.

Xiphera’s nQrux™ family of Hardware Trust Engines offers ready-to-implement security modules for various security architectures. The nQrux™ family provides hardware-level trust and security services for the most critical environments and applications, with full isolation of cryptographic operations and application-specific data into inherently secure hardware elements. Cryptographic computations are performed directly in hardware, without embedded CPU or software elements, for highest degree of security, performance, and ease of validation.

The nQrux™ Hardware Trust Engines offer solutions with optimised configurations based on footprint, performance, and security requirements, that are independent for each of our customers. The solutions are adaptable across FPGA architectures and ASIC processes. The solutions in the nQrux™ family are built on Xiphera’s cryptographic IP cores, which are compliant with relevant IEEE, IETF, and NIST standards, and have received the validation for the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) from NIST.

Xiphera’s nQrux™ portfolio of Hardware Trust Engines offers the following solutions:

Xiphera’s nQrux™ Hardware Trust Engine solutions

Crypto Module

Confidential Computing Engines