Fortifying Digital Resilience: Security Foundations for IoT, AI, and Cloud Systems

Date: 05/06/2024

Building trust in modern devices and services is now more critical than ever. The exponential growth of IoT, IIoT, Cloud, and AI solutions enables significant scalability and business opportunities – at the same time, this speed of development can create notable exposures and risks for digital resilience if the underlying infrastructures are not thoroughly secured.

Ensuring digital resilience requires certain security elements from the underlying foundations of hardware infrastructures, software platforms, and digital identities. These include digital trust, security and authenticity of system configurations, and security and confidentiality of AI models and data. The specific needs and requirements for these elements vary across different industries and customer environments, making the customisability of cryptographic solutions essential.

In this webinar, we review the challenges and practical building blocks for strengthening digital resilience within modern IoT, Cloud, and AI environments.

About the speaker

Petri Jehkonen

Director of Strategic Programs, Xiphera

Petri has 30 years of experience in various industries including semiconductor, crypto, camera technology, and consumer electronics. His experience covers engineering, project management, and marketing & sales positions. Petri holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Aalto University and bachelor’s degree in social services and health care. Petri is also a firm believer in lifelong learning – he has recently complemented his skill-sets even further at Aalto University.