Introducing Tomi Jalonen – Xiphera’s Sales Representative for Central European Markets

Xiphera enforces its presence in the Central Europe with Tomi Jalonen as a new Sales Representative. His extensive experience in the semiconductor industry brings valuable advantage for Xiphera.
Tomi Jalonen is Xiphera's sales representative for the Central European markets.

Tomi Jalonen has a 25-year career in semiconductor industry.  Shortly after receiving his M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from University of Tampere in Finland, he jumped into semiconductor design and product marketing in Germany. Eventually, he got interested in sales roles and, according to his own words, drifted towards semiconductor IP. “I had seen how sales works from the other side of the table. That’s what got me more interested”, he describes.

Ever since, he has worked with various semiconductor IP companies, tasks and responsibilities varying from sales and marketing to running a whole business. “There have been all sorts of applications and companies from many different countries.”

For the past couple of years, Tomi has run his own company working for multiple semiconductor IP clients, helping them enter and expand in the European market.

Perfect solution for securing today and tomorrow

Tomi got in touch with Xiphera during a collaboration project in early 2023.  Already from the first conversation, both parties had the mutual feeling that Tomi’s long experience of sales in the semiconductor market could be of a great benefit for Xiphera, especially with the company’s plans to expand its IC/ASIC-tailored offering.

For Tomi, Xiphera’s Finnish background and hardware-based security solutions were intriguing. “All kinds of major security threats are in the news all the time making the hardware-based security a relevant and captivating topic”, he says.

When it comes to the Central European market, Tomi sees a huge potential for a company like Xiphera. Europe is home for many massive companies and industries, where security is non-negotiable, e.g., automotive, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure. These markets are already familiar to Xiphera. Tomi lives in Munich, Germany, and has a deep understanding of the Central European mindset: “This is an excellent market for the products that Xiphera is offering”, he concludes.

For Xiphera, he sees huge growth potential.  With innovative and state-of-the-art cryptographic security solutions, such as xQlave® Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) family, Xiphera has a unique opportunity to gain a foothold in the Central European and global markets. “Xiphera’s modern PQC products combined with the well-established classical cryptographic IP cores offer the customers a perfect solution for securing their assets today and tomorrow.”

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