CELTIC-NEXT Flagship Project AI-NET Comes to Conclusion

The 3-year project involved 92 participants from seven different European countries, with a primary objective of providing enablers and solutions for high-performance services deployed and operated at the network edge.
XIphera was part of AI-NET-ANTILLAS sub-project of the AI-NET project.

AI-NET – the flagship project of CELTIC-NEXT, the EUREKA cluster focusing on next-generation communications for the digital society – has been successfully brought to completion. The 3-year project involved altogether 92 participant bodies from seven different European countries, with total budget of € 68.4M. 

The primary objective of the AI-NET project – including three sub-projects AI-NET-ANIARA, AI-NET-PROTECT, and AI-NET-ANTILLAS – was to provide enablers and solutions for high-performance services deployed and operated at the network edge.

If AI-NET achievements are to be observed barely as numbers, they are quite impressive:

  • 316 publications,
  • 184 PhD & masters theses, 
  • 77 Proof of Concepts, and
  • 43 new employments across Europe directly from this project.

The benefits gained from the successful AI-NET project naturally extend beyond these numbers, as numerous new collaborations, product innovations, and continuity from academic world to industrial fields were generated throughout the project.

CELTIC-NEXT Innovation Award 2024

The completion of the AI-NET project was celebrated in early-July, 2024, in Berlin, Germany, connected to the CELTIC-NEXT 21st Anniversary Celebration at the Berlin 6G Conference. During the celebrations, AI-NET was announced to win the prestigious CELTIC-NEXT Innovation Award.

CELTIC-NEXT has high standards on both accepting and managing projects, and all projects have been peer-reviewed before project acceptance. CELTIC-NEXT projects typically have high impact, are practical, and aim for European digital resilience, sovereignty, and sustainability.

Intelligent and secure network automation with AI-NET-ANTILLAS 

Xiphera took part in the sub-project AI-NET-ANTILLAS, including private companies, research institutes, and universities from Finland, Germany, and France. The primary objective of AI-NET-ANTILLAS was to accelerate digital transformation in Europe with intelligent network automation and autonomous systems, and increasing European digital sovereignty.

Xiphera is pleased with the results of participating in the AI-NET-ANTILLAS sub-project. “Participating in the project was worth every meeting, document, and e-mail. It increased our ability to develop our future products to match the needs of different industry sectors”, says Petri Jehkonen, Director of Strategic Programs from Xiphera. “Furthermore, we saw again that bringing together brilliant minds from different backgrounds is exactly the right way to grow European competence, sovereignty, and long-term sustainability. Even if the project achievement numbers are astonishing, what we achieved as a team across Europe will most likely have unmeasurable positive impact on our future brilliant minds in the industry.”

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