Tommi Lampila Is Xiphera’s New Chief Revenue Officer

Tommi’s journey with Xiphera started in 2022. He has played a pivotal role in business development, sales, and in reaching Xiphera’s short and long-term goals.
Tommi Lampila is Xiphera's new Chief Revenue Officer.

Tommi Lampila has been promoted as Xiphera’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). He will work in seamless collaboration with Xiphera’s global sales network and marketing team to plan and execute coordinated programs for sustainable growth, to extend the sales network, and to meet Xiphera’s business goals.

Tommi joined Xiphera in March, 2022, as Xiphera’s new Director of Business Development. In this role, Tommi worked towards expanding Xiphera’s sales and partner ecosystem, as well as developing the company’s sales capabilities and reach. His new role as CRO encompasses the company’s business operations and development and is critical for Xiphera as a growing, global player in the semiconductor security market.

Tommi has a master’s degree in industrial engineering and 24 years of experience in cyber security. He has worked previously for companies such as SSH Communications Security and KPMG Finland. 

“I am thrilled to continue on Xiphera’s journey in 2024”, Tommi concludes. “The convergence of cryptographic security in the semiconductor market with the imminent technology shift to Post-Quantum Cryptography makes this an exciting year to be in the hardware security space.”

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