Xiphera and Kaviaz Technology Announce a Partnership for IP Distribution in Taiwan

Partnering with Kaviaz Technology, Xiphera is introducing its cryptographic security IP cores to Taiwan: a powerhouse in the rapidly growing Asian semiconductor market.

Xiphera, Ltd, a Finnish company designing and implementing hardware-based security solutions, announced today a partnership with Kaviaz Technology, a professional EDA/IP distributor based in Taiwan. Partnering with Kaviaz Technology, Xiphera is expanding its global sales network, and introducing its cryptographic security IP cores to the Taiwanese market, a powerhouse in the rapidly growing Asian semiconductor market.

Taiwan is an unmatched leader in the global semiconductor market, and emerging applications such as AI processing, Confidential Computing, and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) will continue strong demand for cryptographic security as a core requirement in semiconductor designs. Taiwanese design houses and manufacturers delivering solutions for the data center, telecommunications, IoT, and critical infrastructure markets, are an essential part of the supply chain in securing the foundation of global security architectures. 

The rapid expansion of the internet realm facilitates an enhanced quality of life, with a manifold increase in demand for endpoint devices, AI cloud, and related applications, and the need to ensure security for these. “Xiphera has the knowledge to provide hardware cipher IP, including SHA-2 and SHA-3 hash functions, symmetric encryption (e.g. AES-GCM), asymmetric cryptography (e.g. ECC), security protocols such as IPsec, and the newest ML-KEM and ML-DSA algorithms for PQC. Xiphera’s solutions enable SoC designs to implement critical security features, such as Root of Trust”, says Timing Huang, President of Kaviaz Technology.

“We are thrilled to enter into the Taiwanese market together with Kaviaz Technology”, says Tommi Lampila, Xiphera’s Chief Revenue Officer. “With their extensive experience and reach in the Taiwan semiconductor market, and local support resources, Kaviaz Technology is the natural partner for Xiphera in bringing our cutting-edge cryptographic IP offering to Taiwanese design houses and chip manufacturers.”

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About Xiphera

Xiphera, Ltd, designs and implements proven cryptographic security for embedded systems. Our strong cryptographic expertise and extensive experience in digital system design enable us to help our customers to protect their most valuable assets.

We offer secure and highly optimised cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores, designed directly for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) without software components. Our broad, fully in-house designed, and up-to-date portfolio, including implementations of Post-Quantum Cryptography, enables cost-effective development projects with fast time-to-market – providing peace of mind in a dangerous world.

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Mimmi Kuusisaari
Marketing and Communications Coordinator

About Kaviaz Technology

Kaviaz Technology is a professional EDA/IP distributor based in Taiwan, established in 2008. Kaviaz works with major international technology companies to provide industry leading EDA tools/silicon IP solutions and services. With well-structured sales and technical support strength, we effectively deliver the helpful solutions to make sure the customers’ success in great deals.

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Contact email: info(at)kaviaztech.com
Tel: +886-3-516-3168

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Tommi’s journey with Xiphera started in 2022. He has played a pivotal role in business development, sales, and in reaching Xiphera’s short and long-term goals.
With the new Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions brought to the market, Xiphera and MLE offer a cryptographically secure and reliable connection between devices over TCP/IP.
The patent is for Method of Providing a Secret Unique Key for a Volatile FPGA, and is a continuum to the patent granted by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office.