Connected in a dangerous world.

Partner with Intel

Xiphera is a proud Gold level FPGA Design Service member in Intel Partner Alliance. Our shared customers — regardless of their geographic location — benefit from Intel's broad FPGA portfolio and Xiphera's cryptographic know-how.

Intel partner alliance logo. Xiphera is a gold member of the alliance.

Combined expertise

Xiphera's strong cryptographic expertise and Intel's technology leadership are an ideal combination of skills to meet the security requirements of modern inter-connected world.

Extensive product portfolio

The broad and modern product lines of both Intel and Xiphera enable selecting the best suited cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores and FPGAs to meet the varying customer requirements.

Global reach

Intel's extensive sales and marketing resources make the promotion, licensing, and support of Xiphera's security solutions possible across the world.

Our Intel-tailored product information


Transport Layer Security

Block/stream ciphers

Random number generation

Cryptographic hash functions

Public-key cryptography