Xiphera publishes their first joint white paper with Intel

Xiphera is proud to announce its first joint white paper published together with a semiconductor industry leader, Intel.
Xiphera announces its first joint white paper published together with a semiconductor industry leader, Intel.

A new Intel White Paper titled “FPGA-Based Security Solutions,” written in conjunction with Xiphera, explores the use of hardware-based security for the design of new IoT and Industry 4.0 equipment.

According to the white paper, the future of Industry 4.0 as well as IoT is promising, but before reaching their full potential, the security requirements still need to be defined and carefully implemented. The white paper introduces the benefits of hardware and especially Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) regarding this matter.

The joint white paper argues the following: “… implementing the critical functionality directly in hardware is being recognized as the preferred methodology to meet the critical security requirements. Additional advantages of hardware-based security implementation may also include improvements in performance and reduction in power consumption.”

Academic collaboration is a win-win situation

For a growing company like Xiphera, it is important to be able to utilise the academic knowledge that is a foundational idea of the company. By publishing a white paper with a tech giant, Xiphera benefits from the expertise outside the company and the availability of the partner’s global network. The partner, on the other hand, benefits from the solid experience and proficiency of Xiphera’s experts regarding hardware-based security solutions and cryptography.

“We have learned a lot during this process”, says Matti Tommiska, co-founder and CEO of Xiphera and one of the authors of the white paper. “Being able to have an impact on the general discussion about security based on hardware and FPGAs is what Xiphera is aiming to continue to do. This joint white paper is only the beginning, and we are looking forward to write numerous white papers in concert with the industry experts and leaders.”

Visit Intel’s blog post here and read the whole white paper here.

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