Xiphera and Muspark Technologies announce a partnership to enter the Indian technology market

Xiphera sees large potential in the Indian space tech market.
Muspark Technologies will represent Xiphera in the Indian technology market with their extensive expertise in the field.

Xiphera, Ltd, a Finnish company designing and implementing hardware-based security solutions, announced today that it has agreed on collaboration with Muspark Technologies, an Indian company representing companies focused in digital design on the Indian Space, Defence, Communications, and Industrial markets. Muspark Technologies will represent Xiphera in the Indian technology market with their extensive expertise in the field.

The growing high-tech market in India represents huge potential. Xiphera finds especially the space tech market as lucrative, as the industry is growing fast both in India and globally. Some estimates say that the number of satellites will grow to up to 100,000 by 2030. Space and satellite technology can be vulnerable to malicious attacks, and needs strong security designed directly into the hardware.

Xiphera’s new xQlave™ product family of quantum-secure cryptographic IP cores is especially relevant in the space tech industry. Space tech solutions have long deployment life cycles, and the threat of quantum computers is already driving the design of quantum safe security solutions today – therefore, post-quantum cryptography needs to be applied already to the design of current space and satellite solutions.

Xiphera sees great potential in the new partnership with Muspark Technologies. “We are highly excited to enter the Indian market for cryptographic hardware solutions”, says Tommi Lampila, Xiphera’s Director of Business Development. “Our collaboration with Muspark offers our Indian customers local support for our portfolio of cryptographic IP for ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) and FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) circuits.”

“We are pleased to collaborate with Xiphera to address the security needs in the New Space as well as Traditional Space applications that use reprogrammable Radiation Tolerant and Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) FPGAs”, says Parag Kulkarni, Muspark’s Founder and Director. “Sectors like Banking, Healthcare and Government in India will see heavy involvement of Space technology in the coming 5 years and now is the time to start the quantum-safe journey with Xiphera’s xQlave™ product family.”

For more information, visit Xiphera’s sales network page and Muspark’s partner page.

About Xiphera

Xiphera, Ltd, is a Finnish company designing hardware-based security solutions using standardised cryptographic algorithms. We have strong cryptographic expertise, extensive experience in system design, and deep knowledge on reprogrammable logic, enabling us to protect our customers’ critical information and assets.

Xiphera’s product portfolio consists of secure and efficient cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores, designed directly for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits). Our widely applicable solutions for various end markets offer our customers peace of mind in a dangerous world.

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Xiphera’s media contacts

Mimmi Kuusisaari

Xiphera Ltd.


About Muspark Technologies

Muspark Technologies is a rep company head-quartered in Bangalore, India, focused on demand creation in high barrier to entry markets. The company’s vision is to be a trusted partner to our customers by establishing world class technologies in their product ecosystem, through excellence in application support and supply chain management.

Muspark team brings in core knowledge and years of experience of working in the Space, Defence, Communications, and Industrial markets of India with a proven track record of driving product cycles, from inception to production revenues.

Read more: www.musparktech.com

Muspark’s media contacts

Parag Kulkarni

Founder and Director


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