Peace of mind in a dangerous world

Xiphera protects your critical systems by designing security directly into hardware.

Hardware-based security with standardised cryptography

Xiphera designs and implements proven cryptographic security for embedded systems. We offer secure and highly optimised cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores for FPGAs and ASICs.

Our broad, fully in-house designed, and up-to-date portfolio enables cost-effective development projects with fast time-to-market – providing peace of mind in a dangerous world.

Xiphera team. Photo by Helena Hagberg.

Xiphera is a proud partner with

Missing Link Electronics
Xiphera’s Extreme-Speed Solutions offer new extreme-speed (E) variants of Xiphera’s IP cores, targeted for applications with highest performance requirements, such as encryption of backbone networks or peripheral component interfaces. 

Extreme-speed performance with proven security

Xiphera’s Extreme-Speed Solutions protect user data while upholding extreme-speed performance, by pushing performance beyond hundreds of Gbps for a single stream of data. Our extreme-speed IP cores answer the need of industrial applications where split-second responses and data protection are paramount.

The OSI model is the basis for most of the modern digital communications. Let’s dive into the seven layers of the OSI model and answers the billion-dollar question: how to protect the transmitted data throughout the OSI model?
With the new Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions brought to the market, Xiphera and MLE offer a cryptographically secure and reliable connection between devices over TCP/IP.
The new IP core extends Xiphera’s offering for high-performance solutions and applications, providing both significant speed and comprehensive support of multiple elliptic curves.