Hardware-based security solutions with strong cryptographic expertise

Xiphera protects your critical systems with cryptography implemented in pure hardware logic design.

Hardware-based security with standardised cryptography

Xiphera designs secure and highly optimised cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores for FPGAs and ASICs, implemented as pure digital logic design. Our IP cores offer security and performance with minimised attack surface and ease of validation.

Our broad, fully in-house designed, and up-to-date portfolio enables cost-effective development projects with fast time-to-market – providing peace of mind in a dangerous world.

Xiphera team. Photo by Helena Hagberg.

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Missing Link Electronics
Xiphera’s nQrux™ family of Hardware Trust Engines offers ready-to-implement security modules for various security architectures.

nQrux™ Hardware Trust Engines offer customisable security modules

Xiphera’s nQrux™ family provides hardware-level trust and security services for the most critical environments and applications, with full isolation of cryptographic operations and application-specific data into secure hardware elements.

nQrux™ CCE solution is customised to include various types of computing resources, while the communication of data and code is protected with hardware-based implementation of TLS 1.3.
Cryptographic modules offer an all-inclusive cryptography package for customised security needs. This blog deep-dives into the benefits, implementations, and possible use cases of a hardware-based cryptographic module.