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February 26th 2021 | Company news & updates
Introducing Selmar Meijer – Xiphera’s Sales Manager

Xiphera has appointed Selmar Meijer as the Sales Manager for the Northwest European markets. He shares Xiphera’s mission of uncompromised security in every critical application.

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January 21st 2021 | Company news & updates
Spreading cryptographic knowledge

Project Manager Petri Jehkonen tells about Xiphera's new project with cryptography education.

December 14th 2020 | Product news & updates
Xiphera contributes to Linux kernel

Xiphera's Linux driver for the XIP8001B TRNG IP core has been added to the Linux kernel source tree.

December 8th 2020 | Company news & updates
Taking Xiphera to the skies

Developer Valtteri Marttila tells how he ended up at Xiphera, and what's the best thing about his work.

November 28th 2020 | Company news & updates
It's time to move

Xiphera continues to enjoy the Aalto University ambience in their new office by moving to the other end of the same building.

October 28th 2020 | Product news & updates
MACsec protects your critical point-to-point communications

Protecting data on layer 2 of the OSI model has numerous use cases.

September 28th 2020 | Company news & updates
Why is hardware more secure than software in critical cryptosystems?

Explaining the underlying differences between hardware and software.