Xiphera launches a webinar series this fall

We want to spread our knowledge and expertise on cryptography and security.
Xiphera’s webinar series Cryptography Under the Hood covers the interesting and relevant topics of information security and cryptography.

Busy world & life-long learning

We are living in a busy and changing world, where keeping up-to-date is crucial for everyone. Lifelong learning and knowing the latest trends and technologies is something that each of us is constantly aiming for.

That’s why webinars are more popular than ever. People from all around the world can join simultaneously and effortlessly to hear interesting speakers and topics live through internet. Additionally, with the “little twist” that the pandemic has offered us, webinars are now even more topical.

One very relevant topic to discuss is naturally security, more specifically cybersecurity and its underlying foundation: cryptography, for their importance is growing in the digitalised world every day. Everyone needs security, but designing secure systems is not for everyone – that is the initial reason for the existence of Xiphera, and that is also why we want to spread our knowledge and expertise on cryptography and security.

Therefore, Xiphera has decided to take a leap to the world of webinars.

Xiphera enters the webinar world

Xiphera’s webinar series Cryptography under the hood is a new series covering the interesting and relevant topics of information security and cryptography. The upcoming webinar series covers for example topics such as post-quantum cryptography, homomorphic encryption, and resource-constrained security protocols, to name a few. Each webinar is planned to be held quarterly and is free of charge.

The first webinar of the series will be held on Tuesday 16th of November, 2021, covering the fundamental question: Why is hardware more secure than software? Xiphera’s Co-founder and CTO Kimmo Järvinen has discussed this topic earlier in our blog post.

Choosing the theme for the webinar series as well as the first actual webinar was quite straightforward. “Xiphera combines expertise in cryptography and digital hardware, and these skills form the basis of our business as well as our webinar series”, says Matti Tommiska, Co-founder and CEO of Xiphera.

“Where do I sign up?”

Can’t wait for November? Let us know you’re interested and want to know more about our webinar series by leaving your contact information through this link. We’ll get back to you with more specific event details, and you’ll get the registration link straight to your email.

See you in our first webinar!

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