Xiphera joins Microchip Technology’s FPGA Design Partner program

Xiphera becomes one of Microchip’s FPGA Design Partners with their extensive knowledge and expertise on FPGAs and hardware-based security.
Xiphera has a wide network of technology, industry, sales, and other partners.

Xiphera, Ltd, a Finnish company designing and implementing hardware-based security solutions for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC), joins the partner program of Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions. Xiphera becomes one of Microchip’s FPGA Design Partners with their extensive knowledge and expertise on FPGAs and hardware-based security.

Xiphera will offer its full portfolio of cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores on Microchip FPGA architectures, including the PolarFire® SoC. Xiphera’s cryptographic IP, and its xQlave® family of quantum-secure cryptographic IP cores, enable the customers of both Xiphera and Microchip to secure their solutions against cyber threats – including those posed by increasingly powerful quantum computers.

The combination of Xiphera’s cryptographic IP cores and Microchip FPGAs are specifically targeted for security of critical applications, including IIoT, defense, and space tech.

Microchip’s embedded architectures provide a versatile platform for implementing Xiphera’s standards-based security IP, enabling customers to fulfil the latest security requirements with cost-efficient product development and fast time-to-market.

“This partnership is a testimony to the strong focus on security by both Xiphera and Microchip, and we look forward to adding concrete value to our shared customers”, says Matti Tommiska, Xiphera’s Co-founder and CEO.

”Having Xiphera join the Microchip Design Partner Network will bring knowledge and capabilities that will strengthen and extend our security portfolio for our customers. Microchip is well-known for the most power efficient FPGAs in the market with military grade security for civilian applications. The partnership with Xiphera enables post-quantum security already on today’s commercial devices and will allow users to keep their designs secure for the lifetime of their products”, says Martin Kellermann, Microchip’s Marketing Business Development Manager.

Read more about the collaboration between Xiphera and Microchip Technology here.

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