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Xiphera’s product portfolio consist of efficient Intellectual Property (IP) cores for standardized cryptographic primitives and protocols. Our customers can integrate Xiphera’s products into their embedded systems in order to implement the critical cryptographic operations that are need to protect their systems.

The majority of current implementations of cryptographic algorithms are based on software running on a processor, but this approach may suffer from operating system weaknesses, third party software library weaknesses, bugs and features of the underlying processor, and performance concerns.

Xiphera’s design philosophy targets a direct implementation of the cryptographic algorithms in hardware, and therefore the cryptographic IP cores have been designed for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as the target technology.

Using FPGA as the target technology for cryptography combines efficiency with first grade security. This is based on the ability to have detailed control of the implementation of a cryptographic algorithm — all the way down to the level of individual bits and clock cycles.

Xiphera’s primary target technology is FPGA, but there are no technical obstacles for porting the IP cores to an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design, as the cores are written in device-independent and portable HDL (Hardware Description Language).

Xiphera divides its IP core products into two categories: Crypto Cores and Crypto Solutions. The former are for individual cryptographic primitives or a small set of related primitives. The latter support entire cryptographic protocols and typically internally utilize a collection different cryptographic primitives bundled into a single IP core.

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Crypto Cores

Xiphera’s Crypto Cores consists of secure and efficient IP cores for specific cryptographic algorithms. Each Crypto Core implements an individual cryptographic algorithm or a small set of cryptographic algorithms based on similar types of algorithms. Examples of the former are individual block ciphers, cryptographic hash functions, or a true random number generator. Examples of the latter include the AES block cipher in different modes of operations, key exchange and digital signatures based on the same set of elliptic curves, or message authentication code and key derivation function based on the same cryptographic hash algorithm.

Xiphera takes the security of the Crypto Cores very seriously. This means that Xiphera’s Crypto Core portfolio includes only standardized cryptographic algorithms that are generally considered to be secure in the international cryptography community. That is to say, the portfolio does not contain any legacy or proprietary algorithms with known weaknesses. Xiphera’s Crypto Cores are also fully constant time implementations and offer high-level of protection against common side-channel attacks.

Because different embedded systems have different needs for cryptographic IP cores, Xiphera offers several variants of the IP cores that have been designed with different optimization goals. The letter (B, C, or H) at the end of the IP core code denotes the optimization goal of each variant and they are interpreted as follows:

B = Balanced, optimized for both performance and low FPGA resource usage,

C = Compact, optimized for low FPGA resource usage,

H = High-Speed, optimized for high performance.

The B variants are good tradeoffs that offer excellent balance between performance and resource usage and suit for a large spectrum of embedded systems. The C variants, which are optimized for extremely low resource usage, are perfect for applications where resources are limited, but performance requirements are not very high. Such applications are common, for example, in industrial automation and control systems. The H variants are optimized for maximum performance. They typically utilize high degrees of parallelism and pipelining and achieve, for example, encryption throughputs of several tens of gigabits per second. They target mainly high-performance communication systems and processor offloading in heavily loaded servers.

All Crypto Cores are shipped with extensive test bench and documentation.

Visit the product pages for more details and comprehensive listings of available Crypto Cores:

Crypto Solutions

Xiphera’s Crypto Solutions are pre-packed IP core solutions for entire cryptographic protocols. They incorporate several Crypto Cores for the individual cryptographic algorithms that are required by the protocol and typically also implement hardware-based key management and the associated control logic within a single IP core.

Xiphera’s Crypto Solutions achieve very high levels of security particularly thanks to the inclusion of hardware-based key management and full isolation of all critical cryptographic computations from the rest of the system. They also offer security features that are hard to implement from individual Crypto Cores such as isolation of parts of an embedded system behind secure connections.

Consequently, Xiphera’s Crypto Solutions offer our customers an easy way to protect their critical embedded systems with high-security cryptographic solutions.

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