Introducing Selmar Meijer – Xiphera’s Sales Manager

Xiphera has appointed Selmar Meijer as the Sales Manager for the Northwest European markets. He emphasises the urge for comprehensive security and shares Xiphera’s mission of uncompromised security in every critical application.
Selmar Meijer is Xiphera's Sales Manager for Northwest European markets.

Xiphera has left behind the startup phase and entered the position of a growth company. Along with the new situation come new opportunities as well as challenges to tackle. One of them is rather exciting: how to successfully keep growing and how to do it especially in the international markets?

This is where Selmar Meijer, Xiphera’s new Regional Sales Manager, steps in.

Living in the Netherlands, Selmar has an extensive commercial background of more than 20 years. He has focused on especially Information and Communications Technology and solution-oriented companies: “Over the years I’ve learned that I enjoy working with high-quality solutions with a clear focus on what problem they solve.”

Selmar values openness and integrity both in his personal and professional lives. Internationality is only an opportunity for him; getting to know people and companies from different cultures enables him to learn from their different perspectives. Selmar always targets for the long-term professional relationship between a customer instead of aiming for the quick win. Combining this mindset with Selmar’s general interest in technology, he’s the right match to represent Xiphera in Northwest Europe.

The paths collided in late 2019 when Selmar met Xiphera’s Co-founders Matti Tommiska and Kimmo Järvinen. “We clearly had a personal match. Over time, we discussed how Xiphera could grow their business. It led to a plan to approach the European market”, Selmar recalls.

Critical security needs are universal

Selmar emphasises the necessity for comprehensive security in every market, especially in industrial automation and communications: “The development of IoT and the growing worry about online activity in general make systems vulnerable. Without a clear focus and a plan to address these trends, companies will end up with serious business threats that will be expensive in the future.”

“What I like about Xiphera is that they do have a vision on the best way to take care of security”, Selmar describes. Securing data and critical systems has numerous ways and implications, but Selmar shares Xiphera’s vision of how security should be fundamental in every critical solution.

Selmar sees many opportunities for Xiphera in today’s world of security threats which are evoking demand for a provider of robust, uncompromised security. “I’m confident that we’ll be able to establish Xiphera as the ‘go-to party’ when it comes to approaching cybersecurity in a proper way.”

“I’m looking forward to working with the team to make the world more digitally safe.”

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