Introducing Alon Refaeli – Xiphera’s Global Business Growth Advisor

Alon Refaeli has been appointed as Global Business Growth Advisor for Xiphera. He believes that there is a prosperous future for Xiphera, and aims to walk that road next to Xiphera for a long way.
Alon Refaeli is the Global Business Growth Advisor for Xiphera.

Alon Refaeli, living and operating in Israel, has an impressive background in cybersecurity. University studies in computer science and cybersecurity led to a work in the field as well. “All my career I’ve been working in cybersecurity and data security companies”, he says. His roles have varied from project manager to sales and business developer, mainly focusing on the business and strategic sides of operations.

In 2016, he founded a non-profit association Cyber Together – a cluster for Israeli cybersecurity companies. The purpose of Cyber Together is “to walk together, and share information and knowledge” between partners and members.

The ability to take the initiative and an overall curiosity for further exploration can also be seen when asking how Alon Refaeli spends his free time. He mentions travelling and exploring new cultures. Also, adventures and kayaking across the Mediterranean countries have a special place in his heart. Overall, he enjoys the small things that make a good lifestyle, such as good food and wine.

Promising vision and professional execution

Alon Refaeli discovered Xiphera through a semiconductor newsletter in 2020. “I read about two founders Matti (Tommiska) and Kimmo (Järvinen). I was very impressed about their high academic research especially in the field of cryptography… Xiphera is a company with a promising vision combined with a professional execution.”

He discovered that Xiphera’s approach is something new and interesting for the Israeli market. A promising match was found.

Alon Refaeli is the right person to combine Xiphera’s unique solutions with Israel’s growing cybersecurity market. “Israel is an early adapter and well educated about security”, he says. With him, Xiphera is approaching the high-tech sector and ruggedized system solutions for both Israeli and multinational companies. “We approach those companies who are designing with FPGAs either externally or internally”, he explains.

Alon Refaeli sees a long and prosperous future with Xiphera. He expects to walk with Xiphera for a long term and to win competition against other players in the market. “The goal is to bring Xiphera into the awareness of decision makers, not only in Israel but globally”, he describes. He is positive about what the teamwork will bring: “Xiphera is a young company with the right vision to grow and to become a trusted expert in cybersecurity market.”

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