Entrepreneurship with an academic twist

The Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) featured Xiphera in their article on combining science and entrepreneurship.
The Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) featured Xiphera in their article on combining science and entrepreneurship.

Finnish Information Security Cluster, or FISC, is an organisation of nearly 80 cybersecurity or information security companies that are promoting their business in Finland and internationally. In their website, FISC says that their main target “is to improve cybersecurity and support their member organisations’ activities”.

Xiphera has been a FISC memmber since 2019 and has benefited from the information sharing, joint programs, and networking opportunities provided by FISC. Now FISC features Xiphera in their article and tells how the company blends entrepreneurship with academic expertise.

Flavouring entrepreneurship with a strong academic taste

One of Xiphera’s main competitive advantages is that it has combined the best of both worlds: both co-founders have a strong and extensive academic background, and adding entrepreneurship to the mix is something you do not see every day.

This is a huge advantage for Xiphera for at least two reasons. First, Xiphera is able to differentiate by its deep knowledge of the mathematical and theoretical foundations of cryptography. Second, using solid expertise while creating something new and innovative – that is, being an entrepreneur – gives Xiphera’s co-founders and employees a new perspective on how to execute business in the high-tech and mission-critical markets.

Unique grasp on cryptography in Finland

The world and the technology surrounding us is changing rapidly every day. Thus, the demand for strong and reliable cybersecurity is growing all around the world, and many companies have answered to this ever-growing demand with various security applications.

Finland is known for its high-quality technology know-how, and cryptographic as well as cybersecurity expertise are also strong in the Northern country. The world-renowned stories of Finnish tech giants as well as top-level education in Finland have built a strong ground for new talents to grow in.

Therefore, the demand for secure information security and cybersecurity keeps on growing, and so does the offering in Finland as well as worldwide. Xiphera answers to the demand and competition by doing what it knows best: combining hardware with cryptography and staying relevant in both academic and entrepreneur worlds, which is something that only few companies are able to do.

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