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Xiphera is available for consulting, design services, and custom solutions.


Our customers benefit from Xiphera's expertise in secure systems and cryptography by contracting us for

  • System definition

    Xiphera can recommend the optimal implementation architecture based on the customer's security needs and perceived threats. Xiphera can support the customer in understanding the terminology and mathematical background of cryptographic algorithms and their security level.

  • Feasibility and Pre-studies

    After the hardware architecture has been selected, Xiphera can support the customer in estimating the maximum performance, power consumption, required hardware resources, and approximate cost of the solution.

Design Services

Xiphera can be contracted for non-cryptographic FPGA design service work if the customer does not have the required skills or available resources.


Certain cryptographic algorithms are proprietary and confidential, and Xiphera have the expertise to efficiently and securely implement these algorithms on FPGAs.

Other examples of custom solutions include designing a system composed of multiple IP cores and the required control logic, or adapting the inputs and outputs of an IP core to interface with the customer's own FPGA design.