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MACsec is an IEEE Media Access Control (MAC) security standard defined in IEEE 802.1AE. MACsec provides data confidentiality and integrity protection for the data link layer and uses AES-GCM with either 128-bit or 256-bit keys as the cryptographic algorithm. Typical MACsec applications require high data bandwidths such as 1G, 10G, 25G or 40G and often benefit greatly from FPGA-based acceleration.

The following IP cores implement MACSEC, please click on the Product Code or PDF icon to download a Product Brief of the IP core.

  • XIP1211B: MACsec, AES128-GCM, balanced version:
  • XIP1211H: MACsec, AES128-GCM, high-speed version:
  • XIP1213B: MACsec, AES256-GCM, balanced version:
  • XIP1213H: MACsec, AES256-GCM, high-speed version: